A Phenomenon Called Globalization

>> Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Today is the period of the globalization. The internet, perhaps is the single greatest contributing factor to this advancement. There's a lot of debates and different perspectives about this economic development. There are those who contest this development, claiming that it is simply an attempt to extend the control of multi-national companies to all the other parts of the world. Developing countries are crying out, claiming that what was proposed to be a fair and free trade among nations, is simply an ideal that is left out of reality. Other theorists claim, that this is an inevitable result of the development of imperialism, capitalism, and so on.

The problem with this is that the perspectives being taken are focused entirely on the economical aspect of the globalization phenomenon. Little do we see the benefits that are arising from the said social movement. Assistance to people who have been victims of natural disasters are coming from everywhere. Health and medical services are more far reaching than ever before. Communication, scientific researches, and understanding have all progressed substantially.

But regardless, it is simply undeniable that this has been the direction human civilization has moved towards. Globalization in its broadest term, is simply a social phenomena wherein all of the people in the world become united. With the advent of Wireless internet access, it becomes hopeless and self-defeating to resist this change.

The hardest part in any type of change sets in during the transition period from one point to the other. It wouldn't be far ahead before this event is accepted. Then, true progress will begin.


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