The Man Who Sailed The World

>> Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Man Who Sailed The World

During the early times lands and countries were not yet discovered, there was one explorer who was able to achieve the almost impossible task. He was known to be the first person to cross the big world and the ocean called Pacific. In doing this, he was able to discover new countries and trade with the locals there. This person is none other than Ferdinand Magellan.

Historians said that Ferdinand was born at around 1480. Coming from a noble blood, he started out as a page that ran errands for his master. However, he knew that he was mean for more and dreamed big. When he became older, he joined the military and got shipped to the place called East Indies. While there, he requested the Portugal king to increase his allowance. He asked for this so that he would be able to fund his dream of finding a westward way that went to Moluccas. His majesty, however, rejected his requested. As such, he approached the Spanish king.

King Charles I gave him his request, so he was able to start his journey with five companion ships. While on his trip, he stayed at the country called Philippines. He also planned to invade the Mactan province there, but he got killed by a local by the name of Lapu-Lapu. Even though he was not able to return to the Spanish country alive, he became known as a great explorer who circumnavigated the big world.


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