History of Chatting

>> Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Most of my time (an approximate 12 hours a day, actually) is spent in front of my computer doing blogs like this one, checking my emails (and ridding it of annoying spam mails), surfing, and chatting with friends. Chatting is especially useful when I try to get updated on my friends' lives when we are all too busy to meet each other up. A self-professed chat addict, I would not know what my internet life would be without chatting.

There is a lot of chat applets that are readily downloadable from the world wide web. Yahoo Messenger is just one of the instantly available chat applications around. Through several years, what was basically just a form of real-time communication spawned a lot of developments. These days, aside from chatting, you can also share photos, see each other through webcam, and hear each other's voice while typing away. Isn't technology a blessing?

The modern chatting originated from Internet Relay Chat or IRC. A student from University of Oulu in Finland was the one who developed this system. Jarkko Oikarinen, the creator, improved an already existing chat program named MultiUser Talk or MUT. The result was IRC, which was launched in the year 1988.


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