History of Bratislava

>> Tuesday, February 23, 2010

History of Bratislava

I was never really familiar with the city of Bratislava until I watched the movie, EuroTrip. After seeing the movie, I got interested in learning more about this fairly unknown place in Europe. I found out that Bratislava has one of the riches and most colorful histories in Europe.

Bratislava is one of the youngest cities in the European continent. However, its history can be traced back several thousand years ago. This small and thriving city used to be the place where a lot of diverse cultures where found. The reason for this was that the city was strategically located in near the Danube River. This was also the reason why it was used as a crossroad for merchants trading in various countries all over Europe.

During the second century BC, Bratislava was invaded by the Boyd Tribes of the Celtics. They used this city to establish power and even come up with a defensive territory. While under their rule, the locals learned how to mint coins. Their most popular work was marking the Blatec symbol to the staters. Due to the fact that Bratislava was under the rule of the Celtic for years, their teachings became the foundation of their new culture.


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