Holocaust Memorial Site

>> Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Even after all these years, the memory of holocaust still haunts Germany. The nightmare seems to linger in all corners of the country. The descendants and survivors of the horrible historical event could be seen roaming around the cities. Their presence only adds up to the remembrance of the horrifying truth that Jews were once murdered because of their faith.

Respect. That is what I think the best we could give to the memory. Respect was also the driving force in the building of a memorial site in remembrance of the people who suffered in the dreaded annihilation. When I first saw the numerous tomb-like structures in the site, I could not help but join my hands and thank God that the Nazi era is all over. The columns with different elevations and sizes reminded of the individuals who had divers' views and attitudes toward their fate. It was then that I remembered of Anne Frank, whose diary served as one of the monuments of Holocaust.

On the other hand, the site became a tourism spot in Germany. Almost three million visitors come to see the columns annually. I pray that this monumental achievement of engineer Eiseman, will serve its purpose of keeping the memory alive. I just hope that I could go there some day, and pay tribute to the unsung heroes of Holocaust.


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