Motorcycle Diaries Journey to the Self

>> Tuesday, February 16, 2010

When Ernesto "Che" Guevarra was twenty-three years old he decided to go on a trip with his friend, Alberto Granado to travel the vast region of Latin America. They lodged in only when there were people who would give them shelter and food. At that time, there were no convenient hotel reservations yet like today. Their trip led them to discover the poverties of each nation and Che became aware of the conditions of his fellowmen. This awakened his patriotism and a deep desire to help free his people. What began as a simple journey to visit and enjoy the country became a journey towards self-realization and awareness of the present social conditions. This rarely happens to rich kids like Che. Most heroes, as we know, came from the grassroots and the injustices experienced spurred them into action. The accounts and narration of the adventures of Che and his friend in their motorcycle, La Poderosa, was recorded in the book titled, "Motorcycle Diaries."


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