Commercialization And Internet

>> Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The idea behind the marketing of the newest technological discovery in 1983-84 sprang from the notion that Internet is popular, thus there is a high possibility of making a lot of money out of it. But unknowingly, entrepreneurs during those times failed to understand the essence of Internet. Suffice to say, they lacked the necessary education about Internet.

This prompted the Internet Activities Board (IAB) and Dan Lynch to literally conduct workshops for the entrepreneurs. Basically, the lessons were about Internet Protocol and its functions. This gave way to a wider understanding the Internet, thus the inclusion of IP to commercial products reached the international market. Information Technology is undeniable that the education from IAB provided information technology professionals and computer wizards as well the confidence to compete with the growing Internet market.

Ever since this commercialization succeeded in reaching the highest level of sales, the manufacturing industries, for almost two decades now, is continuously improving their products to meet the standards. Indeed, they have become the basic commodities in our business world and provide wireless network solutions. If we try to assess the present condition of the market, it is definitely among the strongest in history.


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